The Lord Maitreya

The Lord Maitreya has been the Bodhisattva – the Christ of Earth – since the Lord Gautama became the Buddha 2,500 years ago. The Lord Maitreya is a Great Son of God and on the inner levels is now also a Buddha; hence we should know Him as the Risen Christ-Buddha, Who will become the Buddha of Earth in 500 years, through an Earthly embodiment for which a number of disciples, initiates, and Masters are now preparing.1

... He is a wonderful human being and a perfected Soul and Spirit. His appearance, the Lord Maitreya (which means Lord of Love in the Orient) is, as all Masters, a very strong physical man. He has red curly hair and violet eyes and when you look into those eyes you will just walk endlessly into pure light.2

The Lord Maitreya speaks:

'I Am the Master of Hope, the Healer, the Liberator, the One Who opens His arms to everyone who comes to My Heart, who walks My way, who climbs My mountain. And wherever they shall look, wherever they shall walk, I, the Master of Hope, the Healer, the Liberator, shall stand there.

Every man, woman, or child who takes one step towards Me, to those I shall walk ten steps. Every man, woman, or child who begins to climb My mountain, towards them I shall walk. I shall stretch My hand, and I shall help them pass through the perils of the night, the dangers of the steep roads, and the evil of the darkness that lurks on that very narrow path towards righteousness ...

I bestow Freedom and Liberty. I break the shackles that bind My children to the worlds of darkness.

From the high heavens, seated by the right side of My Father, I pray that humanity shall look My way and desire to know Me for what I Am, the Rising Light, the Risen Christ, the Bodhisattva, the World Teacher for all of the human race.'3


The Work of the Lord Maitreya

The Lord Maitreya has many titles and many names. He is an embodiment of the Second Aspect of the Solar Logos, the Aspect of Love Wisdom, and His Light and Love not only flow all over the Earth, but are felt on all planets in the solar system. He is the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the inner government of Earth. He has been the Christ on Earth for the last 2,500 years, since taking over that office from the Lord Gautama when that Great Master became the Buddha on Earth. He is also the Avatar of the Heart, the Risen Christ, the Bodhisattva of Earth – and as He now prepares to take the Buddha initiation in 500 years, He is becoming known as the Risen Christ Maitreya Buddha of Earth, for He is slowly taking on some of the Lord Buddha's duties.

On Earth a universal sister- and brotherhood is starting to form, made of people whose aim it is to become Children of the Heart and who wish to live a spiritual life called the Way of the Heart. The Children of the Heart are children of Maitreya. The Children of the Heart live all over the planet, most of them not knowing that their Teacher, Illuminator, and Wayshower is the Lord Maitreya. The Lord Maitreya teaches through the Doctrine of the Heart. He teaches the Children of the Heart that they are the new humanity who shall populate the Earth after the Great Change has occurred.

The Way of the Heart is in itself a new mystery school that is opening up to admit average humanity, teaching them through symbolism, ceremonial rites, meditation, healing, service, and studies of the Divine Wisdom, how to safely awaken the kundalini fire. The kundalini fire shall then, by its ascent, change the consciousness in this group of humanity – enabling them to continue life on the planet Earth in the coming new age, the Age of Maitreya.

The Lord Maitreya is slowly revealing Himself by appearing not only in the world of religions and philosophies, but also in the world of politics, of education, of art and music, in science, and even in the world of business.

All over the planet there are disciples of the Spiritual Hierarchy who, with or without knowing it, are being utilised by the Lord Maitreya as His vehicles in this process of the Reappearance of the Christ. The Lord Maitreya shall not walk like the Lord Jesus, using only one body of a great soul, but shall make use of a number of older souls on various levels – over-shadowing them to bring forth His Light, Love and Teaching to usher in the new age.

In 500 years the Lord Maitreya will incarnate physically to take the Buddha initiation on the physical level. In that life He shall be surrounded by all the disciples and Arhats who He will use over the next 500 years as vehicles for His Christed work. Through Ananda Tara Shan, who is one of the vehicles being used today, He calls to the Children of the Heart globally, trying to gather them together so that He can reveal Himself to them and teach them the new laws of how to love God, and how to work with Him. Everything is at its budding beginning.

The Lord Maitreya has planned His present work for a very long time, and now He calls out to all who wish to serve as world servers at this present time. We are entering into a time where the world shall be touched by sadness, but also by glory because of the spiritualisation of planet Earth. The energy that fills everyone who looks to the Lord Maitreya for the answers about what is coming is that of hope and an inner exultation.

It is our hope that you who read this will gather around the Lord Maitreya, and commit your body, mind and spirit to supporting the Lord Maitreya in the very difficult task of making holy this planet for the Children of the Heart.4

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3. 16/09/1991 through Ananda Tara Shan