Heart Flow Worldwide

working from the
goodness of the Heart
to bring love and healing
to humanity and Earth

The Goodness of the Heart
In a world with much conflict and suffering, we need the power of love to heal, to forgive, and to unite. It is love that keeps the universe together, and it is love that unites men and women and all living things on this Earth. Love, peace, serenity, and happiness are not dependent on outer things or the environment. Love is a state of consciousness, a matter of the heart.

The heart is the source of love and forgiveness, the great mediator between our personality and our spiritual self. The heart has the power and capacity to heal and to bring out the best in us and our fellow beings, and to transform ourselves and the world. Love is inclusive and leads to integration and unity, but it is hard to cultivate, due to the inherent selfishness we have as human beings. Thus, we have much to learn, toward the aim of expressing love in all dimensions of our lives. Thus, too, the need for a teaching focus.

All over the world, more and more men and women are beginning to express the love and wisdom of the heart. Heart Flow Worldwide seeks to bring together, to unite such men and women of goodwill so we can work hand in hand bringing love and healing to Mother Earth.

The Work of Heart Flow Worldwide
Heart Flow Worldwide arises out of the Theosophical tradition, recognising and celebrating the universal Divine Wisdom (Theosophy) that manifests in many diverse forms. Heart Flow Worldwide is guided by the Christ principle, love, represented by the Lord of Compassion and Love, the Lord Maitreya.

Heart Flow Worldwide brings the work of the Maitreya Theosophical Impulse to the physical level. It represents a physical manifestation of the Love of the Master, the Lord Maitreya, the Risen Christ, the 5th Buddha, through people of goodwill who want to offer healing services, classes and study groups, meditation, individual healing, humanitarian service, and related activities. Heart Flow Worldwide is a movement of the heart, the Christ or love principle, offering spiritual teaching about such topics as health and healing, psychology, religion, art, music, science, politics, astrology, and many more subjects whenever a teacher is available.

The work of the Maitreya Theosophical Impulse manifests on several of the planes of nature. On the physical plane, Heart Flow Worldwide is a vehicle for the Impulse, and is one place where many people may begin learning about and cooperating with teachings about walking the Way of the Heart. The next plane of the work is represented by The Theosophical Fellowship, which is part of the universal sister and brotherhood known as the Way of the Heart.

The object of Heart Flow Worldwide is to help bring people towards ascension, that point of consciousness that occurs when the soul and Spirit, the I Am Presence, govern one’s life. Karma has been redeemed, dharma has been fulfilled, and one has a choice whether to return to the Earth plane again. Those who return walk the path of service, the Way of the Heart.


Working through the Mother of All
The Lord Maitreya works through the Mother of All, God the Mother, Whose gateway is the White Tara (the female Christ Buddha for humanity). A number of female Masters are also involved, and disciples of the female gender are much activated on Earth at this time, when the balance between the male and female principles is in the process of being corrected, not only in ecclesiastical professions but in all fields of endeavour. This new balance will help bring about peace, harmony, compassion, and understanding in the heart and mind of humanity in this age.

The teaching within Heart Flow Worldwide will strive to help people live a life of will-love in action, balanced and harmonious action, a life lived through the heart and guided by the I Am Presence. As more people begin to allow the I Am Presence to govern their lives, then we can expect greater peace and understanding in the outer world, and greater and more effective efforts will be made to relieve the suffering of humanity and the Earth.

Many people walk around in the wilderness of their own feelings and thoughts that isolate them from receiving the care and the unconditional loving from their own soul and Spirit – the I Am Presence within. To those people, Heart Flow Worldwide can become a door through which they shall directly connect with the non-judgmental attitude of Spirit within and without.

Heart Flow Worldwide is one of a number of dedicated groups around the Earth which seek to offer world service, to show humanity that Maitreya has reappeared in the world, that He embodies the Love of God, and that He lives through those who seek to be children of the heart, all the hearts on Earth who willingly and joyfully serve, consciously or unconsciously, the Great Heart – the Christed One – the Bodhisattva – Maitreya, the Avatar of the Heart.

In the Lord Maitreya’s progressive plan for the Earth, we have a role to act on His behalf, and action has to happen right away. He beckons to us to take the necessary steps to be of assistance in any way. His call is subtle but clear:  “If you will move with Me, then do it rapidly, there is no time to waste – humanity suffers.”

On the initiative of Ananda Tara Shan, a teacher of practical Theosophy and disciple of the Lord Maitreya, a group of people are now gathering together to build Heart Flow Worldwide. Some are active in The Theosophical Fellowship, some are active in other groups; through group work, we strive to create this focus to work from, and to teach about working from, the goodness of the Heart.

Heart Flow Worldwide has a simple structure, with no membership, and it welcomes any person of goodwill regardless of background or beliefs, who will strive to work from the heart to bring peace and harmony to this suffering world.


Spiritual Development and Education
Those who work and study within Heart Flow Worldwide become, in essence, trainees in world service. Together we strive to demonstrate practical Theosophical living. Heart Flow Worldwide teaches Maitreya Theosophy*, practical Theosophy taught from Maitreya’s Heart, leading onto the Way of the Heart. In Heart Flow Worldwide, we are students of the Way of the Heart.

Contributing time as a volunteer to the work of Heart Flow will help nurture the flame of love and goodwill, within and without. Those who wish to contribute time to the work on a regular weekly or monthly basis are most welcome and much needed, and their service is greatly valued.

Individuals who wish to contribute more to the healing work at services offered within Heart Flow Worldwide may study to become Heart Flow Healers.

[*For further information about Maitreya Theosophy, please click on this link to the website: www.maitreyatheosophy.org]

Activities of Heart Flow
Those who work under the name Heart Flow work for good – to bring the Light of Maitreya (by whatever name this Light and Love are known to them) to humanity and the Earth. Their work for good can be in any activity of life, from leading a healing service, to offering legal aid, to teaching a cooking class. Whatever the form, those who work within Heart Flow do so from the goodness of the Heart – looking for guidance to the Heart of Maitreya, the Christ Light, which they can find by looking within their own heart.


The Heart Flow Healing Service
The Heart Flow Healing Service is a small service involving meditation, invocation, and prayer. The service is for any person who wishes out of goodwill to perform healing for the Earth. If you are interested, please write to Heart Flow Worldwide and specify your spiritual qualifications as a healer and meditator. It is recommended that to conduct the Heart Flow Healing Service you complete the Heart Flow short courses: Mantras and Meditation, the Philosophy of Heart Flow, Heart Flow Healer I, How to Serve, and Heart Flow Service Conductor.

Activities conducted within the embrace of Heart Flow are offered by individuals, groups and centres in different parts of the world, and we would be happy to send you contact details. A number of schools are offered by Heart Flow Worldwide each year in the New Himalaya Retreat, and participation in the schools is a good way to learn further about the work. If you wish, we will put your name on the mailing list, so that you will be informed about schools and other activities in the New Himalaya Retreat.


Facilitators of Heart Flow
Those who facilitate activities within Heart Flow shall strive to open to the flow of their I Am Presence, and without hesitation, to flow their heart flow into all they encounter in service of Maitreya.

'Whatever the ways, Heart Flow Associates work from the most unselfish motive that is possible, for this leads to the dharma and settles scores of karmic debts so that he or she may speed towards the liberation of the soul and its personal expression.

Heart Flow is the flow of love that will ultimately transform the world.'
(Ananda Tara Shan)


Ananda Tara Shan explains Heart Flow
'The Heart of the Universe flows through the Heart of Maitreya, Whose Heart encompasses all of the Earth. From Maitreya’s Heart, the Love of the greater Heart flows to all hearts on Earth.

This flow is Heart Flow, and it is felt like a stream of goodness and loving-kindness to all those who will accept it and who will happily and joyfully allow it to bring them to the centre of their inner being where all is clear and peaceful.

What do you look for in life?

Where do you find those qualities?
Deep within your heart

And how can you get deep into your heart?
By opening your heart to Heart Flow.

All spiritual discipline takes right effort and decision. Without right effort and decision, you will not advance upon the spiritual path. The walking of any spiritual path is difficult and demanding.

Heart Flow assists you in walking the Way of the Heart, which is a new way that leads directly to the Heart of Maitreya. Maitreya is the Bodhisattva of Earth, the Guru of Earth, the Teacher of all teachers. Maitreya and His Spiritual Brother, Gautama Buddha, have joined Hearts and Minds to further and speed the evolution of souls on Earth. They have joined light, love, and will to bring those of humanity who seek illumination to the level of commitment and service to others which should see many obtain a completion of Earth lives and thus break the wheel of rebirth.

Heart Flow has reached the physical level of Earth. The physical level must be enspirited for the Kingdom of God to become a reality here, and Heart Flow must therefore spread globally for the reality to materialise.

Heart Flow is not a religion. Heart Flow is not a structure. Heart Flow is a living manifestation of love. Every human being looks for love on one level or another.

Love can be a fleeting sensation. Love can be permanent, if anything can be permanent in an impermanent world. Love survives death and makes both life and so-called death an impression of God Who is always love. If a person is asked what he or she truly wants, most of the time the answer would be love.

Love radiates unconditionally and indiscriminately from Maitreya, Who behind Him has Gautama standing. For the first time in Earth’s history, two great Avatars of Heart and Pure Mind radiate together Their combined love for humanity to awaken souls, where love in the soul is law and order and where experience in the soul exudes non-judgmental and caring attitudes.

So many theories are floating around. So many philosophies have poured forth over time. Today we want to learn to love without fear of appearing weak or passive.

Love is not seen in movement or action but is the stillness that directs the spirit in the heart of all.

That stillness can appear in movement or action, but often just flows. No words are needed. Hardly any special education is needed.

Heart Flow is the flow of love that will ultimately transform the world.

Heart Flow is no theory, it just is.

And as Heart Flow creates unity and loving communities in the hearts of all, the world changes and is seeing the evolution of souls speeded up, whereby illumination of individuals and groups certainly must be realised in a considerably short time.

The last 25 years have seen a rapid development in a great number of Earth people. The next 25 years cannot be described in terms we use today, for Heart Flow is streaming onto the physical plane and inner transformation will occur in millions of people to the extent no one can imagine today.

If you are interested in becoming a conscious transmitter of Heart Flow in the world, let us hear from you. No matter where you live in the world, you can get started right away. Only goodness of heart is required.'

'There is no quality worth becoming more than love.

No effort to transfigure self is too difficult to make when the end
result is love.
(Ananda Tara Shan)